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Innovative British AI platform to branch out across Europe by Dan Sherratt

The British Artificial Intelligence pioneer Brainomix has secured £7m worth of funding to take its healthcare technology across Europe.

Brainomix has been pioneering the use of AI in the diagnosis and decision making of possible stroke victims since 2012. The software assists doctors by scanning CT images and providing a fast, efficient, and accurate 2nd opinion in an area of medicine where every second really does count. This can allow doctors to start treatment quicker and potentially significantly improve the prognosis of the patient.

Brainomix has now won the investment from Boehringer Ingelheim, the German pharmaceuticals giant, which will allow them to bring their AI technology to hospitals across Europe.

In a climate where every article on AI is debating which jobs it will make redundant, it is great to see a story about how AI genuinely impacts and improves the lives of people. As many will be able to confirm, strokes can be debilitating, if not deadly, to patients and their families so any technology which helps doctors lessen this impact is positive.