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A Message from Richard Chorley

When my daughter, Jessica arrived in my world in July 2005 I realised I had taken on a significant responsibility. Not the obvious, keep her safe, keep her fed etc. No; I realised she would one day look to me to assist her in making some of her critical life decisions.

At the time I worked for a company where on a daily basis we were given or afforded a similar responsibility/opportunity to be involved in making or influencing one of the most critical of life's decisions, "Shall I change my job?" But the advice we were actually giving and the influence we were using were infrequently based on what was best for the candidate or the client. It was simply an unemotional money making process and I realised I would not want my daughter to be introduced or involved with most of recruitment companies I knew of.

Why? Well because she would be a commodity a number a KPI a statistic. Critical decisions and advice would potentially be given to her by unqualified individuals to further their financial status not because it was what was best for her!

Network IT Recruitment exists because I wanted an opportunity to be personally involved in guiding and assisting individuals in furthering their careers. An activity I have loved since I started in the industry all those years ago! I now realise that unconsciously I have wanted to create a recruitment company that I can recommend to the most precious person in my life, my daughter.

Unknowingly I have always advised the people I have worked with both clients and candidates based on what is right for them not me, with honesty and integrity.

This has brought me great rewards not simply financial! Focus on doing what is right and the rewards will follow! Fact!!

I personally found the organisations I previously worked for focused their consultants on inappropriate key performance indicators, often working on the principle of throw enough at the wall and something would stick.

This is okay if we are talking about inanimate objects, but we aren't are we? We are talking about your mother, your father, your son or my daughter.

The decision to change your job, join a new company etc. is massive and can and will have an impact on every single element of your life and can significantly impact the success of a business.

As a recruitment professional you are gifted the opportunity to be personally involved in this decision making process. With this opportunity comes great power and therefore great responsibility.

I intend to continue to build a company of people who recognise and respect this fact. People who realise do what is right and you will build loyalty, do what is right and the rewards will follow.

At Network IT we don't just do it right, we do what is right!

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